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Research Projects/Completed Projects

There have been some important research projects which the Centre for Research & Best Practices has initiated, coordinated and disseminated either in research reports, journals, book chapters or research handbooks.

Three important research projects were funded by the Lien Foundation from 2013 – 2016. One of these was the development, research piloting and implementing, in 120 NTUC child care centres, of the Relationships-Based Curriculum. A second Lien project also completed in 2016 was the Cognitively Oriented Curriculum Project and the final one on Parent Engagement will be completed by end 2016.

Results of a survey of 1000 parents on children’s usage of touch screen were published in an international journal in 2016. In addition, the Centre for Research & Best Practices has encouraged practitioner research links between SEED Institute and NTUC First Campus staff.