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SEED Posium 2017 - Walking Story


Workshop Introduction

Children learn language from the day they hear language and as they grow and develop, their language and speech becomes increasingly complex. Children see and interact with print in everyday situations and way before they start school. Gradually, they combine what they know about speaking and listening with what they know about print and become readers and writers. Adults play the crucial role of supporting children in this life-long journey. 

Are Spoken Language and Literacy Connected? 

Absolutely! Literacy is all about telling stories, and don’t we tell stories about our everyday lives? Libraries, museums and heritage centres are ideal places in the community which are culturally content rich. They play an intimate part in children’s literacy development as well as lay the foundation for reading. Neurologist tell us that such content rich, self-directed and experiential expeditions support executive function skills that are crucial for academic and character building. This is exactly what StoryWalk aims to promote and support. 

Let’s take a walk, and let it be a StoryWalk. 
Yes, and we are going on a trail behind Stacey. Stacey who? Discover page after page from, “Stacey Goes to the Indian Heritage Centre”, 

Fee: $20 (before GST)

Instruction for registration: Click on the above link and search for Walking Story under Module Title, select the appropriate module and click individual registration then click proceed. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete registration and payment.  

Workshop Details

Date: 23 September 2017
Time: 10am to 12pm
Venue: Indian Heritage Centre, 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924